Pilot Systems for Beer & Spirits

BrewPilot™ Brewhouses for Nano Breweries or for use as a Pilot System

  • 3bbl - 5bbl Options
  • Steam or Indirect Electric Heat
  • Skid Mounted
  • UL Compliant
  • Designed & Assembled in Lincoln, NE

Great things come in small packages, like the ABE Beverage Equipment BrewPilot Brewhouse. The BrewPilot is designed and assembled in Lincoln, Nebraska to be durable, reliable, and affordable. The small footprint and manual operation are ideal for start-ups, restaurants or other establishments looking to create their own brews. The BrewPilot is a great option for established breweries looking for a pilot system that offers a high degree of control in the brewing process. Ask us about our innovative indirect electric heat option for 3bbl – 5bbl systems.

Looking for a customized option, or larger system? Check out our complete lineup of 3bbl - 60bbl brewhouses

Each brewhouse that leaves our facility carries UL certification and an industry leading 5-year limited warranty on the metal and welds. In addition to a comprehensive spare parts inventory, you'll receive customer support from our team right here in Lincoln, Nebraska with any ABE purchase.

The beauty of the craft brewing business is that no two breweries are identical. Our goal is to understand what makes your facility and process unique and then design a solution that fits your needs.

Pilot Still

  • 50gal 304 Stainless Steel Boil Pot
  • Explosion Proof Heating Elements
  • Manual Agitator
  • 6-Plate Copper Column
  • CSA Certified Heating Elements
  • Designed and Assembled in Lincoln, NE 

The Pilot Still by ABE Beverage Equipment is an affordable option for a small craft spirits producer. Whether you are looking for a turn-key solution to begin a distillery, or are looking to add a still to your existing business, the 50-gallon Pilot Still is the perfect solution. From moonshine to botanically-infused gin, this electric still can produce a fantastic product with a minimal footprint; and it's simple to use.

ABE's Pilot Stills are safe too. These stills are equipped with explosion proof heating elements, and CSA Certified heating elements. Our 304 stainless steel comes with an industry-leading guarantee, and is a low maintenance alternative to all-copper systems. In addition to a comprehensive spare parts inventory, you'll receive customer support from our team right here in Lincoln, NE with any ABE purchase.

Package your craft spirits with a TruPatriot Liquor Filler, or can your craft cocktails with a CraftCan canning line. Both accommodate a variety of products and packages. ABE offers complete craft beverage production and packaging solutions. Ask you representative for options to fit your craft spirits needs, whether you produce vodka, run, gin, or whiskey. 

Diverse Products

Changing markets require innovative products. With the help of our loyal customers, ABE has evolved its offerings to serve a wide-range of markets including the industries of Craft Beer, Craft Spirits, Kombucha, Cider, Cold Brew Coffee, Seltzer, Infused Beverages, Craft Soda, and Wine.

Complete Source

ABE is your one-stop source for turnkey solutions, as well as your expansion needs. Your investment will bring you value for the life of your equipment. We care about your business, and our experienced customer service team and extensive parts warehouse ensure you can focus on your craft.

Customer Driven

You ask. We deliver. ABE employs 135 Nebraskans, including degreed engineers, to develop your unique needs. Our team is committed to customizing equipment to fit your style and space, and offers top-notch innovation at a fair price. Your craft is our passion.

Quality & Value

You have a lot of options when it comes to beverage equipment. ABE offers our customers excellent quality and value in our equipment and in our service. We are committed to our community, our employees, and our customers. And, you won’t find a nicer crew than your team at ABE.