Bottling Lines - Plastic


Check out ABE's NEW PATRIOT FILL STATION here. This semi-automatic unit is compatible with glass, plastic, or aluminum bottles ranging from 12 oz to 1 gallon. 

Rotary Plastic Bottling Lines from 33bpm - 85bpm

  • 33bpm or 85bpm Throughput
  • 28mm, 38mm, or ROPP Caps
  • UL Compliant
  • Designed & Assembled in Lincoln, NE

The multi-functional Triumph Carbonated Beverage Plastic Bottling Systems by ABE Beverage Equipment have proven to be a reliable and effective workhorse for the craft soda industry.  This medium or high-speed rotary bottling line rinses, fills, and caps up to 33 or 85 plastic bottles per minute. Designed and assembled in Lincoln, Nebraska, it is compact in structure and big on performance.

The TriumphClassic and TriumphUltra Carbonated Beverage Systems’ automatic monoblock is designed to meet the needs of the ever-expanding craft soda market. Built with heavy-duty 304 stainless steel it can be outfitted with a capper for 28mm, 28mm Child-Proof, 38mm, or ROPP caps. The continual motion of a rotary filling line is what sets the Triumph Carbonated Beverage Plastic Bottling Systems apart from in-line systems and other lower speed alternatives.

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